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Hello to our
Loyal & New

    We have been working to trying and improve how you are able to navigate through our Menu Bar. But it has been a slow & very detailed process. I (Nikki) have been trying to get it done as fast as possible.

These are some of the 'main' improvements i have done:

  • Separate 'typical' apparel from 'curvy' apparel
    • Our 'typical' apparel is just called "Apparel" only because I could not find a better word to use (at the moment)
    • ''Typical' Apparel' has all of the sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X Large
    • Our 'curvy' apparel is called "Curvy"
    • "Curvy' Apparel' has all of our 1Xs, 2Xs, and 3Xs
  • "Last Chance" items I have updated this way
    • Made separate collections for both 'typical' and 'curvy' apparel
    • Have all of our Accessories in their own collection as well with the "Last Chance"
  • "New Arrivals" have been updated as well
    • Everything we have done with our "Last Chance" collections, is what we have done with our "New Arrivals" as well

And I hope to be able to get these other options out to yall soon!

  • Created a bunch of NEW Options to help you find the Perfect outfit for Any Occasion, all separated by 'typical' & 'curvy' sizes
    • "Seasonal"
      • This has the options of specifically Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall, and All Year Round
    • "Colors & Patterns"
      • This consist of Animal Prints, Warm Tones, Cool Tones, and Neutral Tones

     Let us know what you think by commenting here or contacting us via email!

     We Hope that these new and more detailed options are exactly what you want, and that they will help you go through our website with more easy.

Have a Wonderful Day to ALL of our Gorgeous Ladies!

~ Your Favorite Staff Member here
at Peony Love Lane,

Nikki Marie Murga

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