Meet Nikki! Our Staff Member

Hello Lovely Ladies,

    My name is Nikki Marie Murga and I am the Sales Representative at the Keesler Air Force Base location. As well, I am the one who enjoyably processes your online orders.

Me with my husband and 2 Fur Babies.

I just turned 30 on July 7th of 2023. I am very happily married to BU1 (Builder 1st Class) Murgaaltan who is a U.S. Navy Seabee. We met while we were both in the same battalion back in 2014. I am a U.S. Navy Seabee Veteran, my rate is Steelworker (SW). We have 2 amazing Fur Babies, both boys, and their names are Rocco and Blue.

Picture of me amd my husband on New Years, right after it hit midnight.   My friend and i having a 'Blueberry' inspection, since we normally always wore 'Type 3'

     I may not be as 'girly' as most women, but because of my background, there is a lot of things I bring to the table to help make your experience with Peony Love Lane enjoyably memorable.


  • Color: purple
  • Food: crawfish
  • Ice Cream: cookies & crème
  • Candy: Twizzlers
  • Music: bounce (New Orleans styles) & anything i can salsa and/or bachata to
  • TV/Movie Genre: scary / supernatural


  • Short Term: for the Boutique: help to create a more organized system for our inventory, as well as making the website even better amd easier to use.
  • Long Term: for the Boutique: help to put systems in place for when i do have to leave, so that who ever comes to work here, has a detailed guideline to help them continue all the fun, good things i have put into place.
  • Short Term, Personal: Mental Health is a priority for me at the moment, so becoming more Mentally Mature is a Top Priority at the moment for me
  • Long Term, Personal: to fully understand myself better so that i can overcome the emotional baggage i have been carrying since childhood.
  • Short Term, Career: while working here at Peony Love Lane i am striving to learn the ins & outs of owning a bussiness and how (atleast) one of the many diffrent POS systems work, so that i can carry that knowledge with me to accomplish my future goal.
  • Long Term, Career: to own my own bussiness that incorperated all of my hobbies & interest, all that the same time. Think of the word 'fusion' but on a larger scale than JUST 2 diffrent things coming together in harmony.

 This link brings you to a collection of my favorite things we sell, as well as items i have bought and wear.

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